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Joys and Tears Of Purchasing An Index Stock

When a stock is added to an index, it is a testimony that the company has successfully created stockholder value. A buying frenzy usually follows led by mutual funds. Continue reading


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Business Cycles Truly Alive

In the last bull market, some financial analysts and economists debunked traditional business cycles as they believe many positive drivers exist to drive a steady, non-inflationary economy. Continue reading

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ST Index Rises Slightly

Today’s stock market shows a bit of upward activity and it seems like the axiom “investors go away in the month of May” is quite true. A lot of investors are sitting on the sidelines, refusing to enter the market. … Continue reading

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Resilient Stock Market Offers Relief

I expected a severe downturn in the stock market today following the hike in oil prices, no more rate cuts by the Fed, declining home sales in the month of April and inflation threats. Continue reading

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Slackening Stock Market Performance

To conclude last week’s misadventure, it looks promising but turned ugly… there aren’t many happy investors around. Continue reading


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Warren Buffet Confirms US Recession

In recent months, amid the housing slump and credit crunch, US economic growth came to a standstill and many economists believe the world’s largest economy is heading for a recession. Continue reading


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Managing Volatility In Stock Market

There is always some risk when it comes to buying stocks. The overall market behavior will greatly impact your returns. Dollar cost averaging allow you to mitigate market volatility. Continue reading

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Temasek Appeals Anti-Monopoly Ruling

Temasek Holdings will be lodging an appeal against an anti-monopoly ruling to the Indonesian Supreme Court. If successful, it need not sell its stakes in one of two mobile phone companies. Earlier on, Indonesia’s Central Jakarta district court upheld a … Continue reading

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