Houston Sets Right Example By Adopting Wind Power

Houston, the fossil fuel capital of America, is setting the right examples by converting to wind power. On July 1, Houston will receive 25 percent of its electricity from wind energy.

Wind farms in West Texas will provide the needed wind energy, and at a savings to consumers. A kilowatt hour of wind-generated electricity costs 7.5 cents, compared with 9.5 cents for a kilowatt hour of conventional power.

Wind power is one of the cleanest and greenest of all commercial methods of generating electricity. There are no gas emissions which contribute to global warming and climate change, no waste products, and no radioactive contaminants.

A single 250-MW wind project can generate electricity to power nearly 60,000 average American households and create roughly 15,000 person-years of employment.

Clean, renewable energy is serious business and Big Oil companies should be using some of their bloated profits today to invest in research and development so that they remain relevant when fossil fuels become a thing of the past.

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