Jeflin’s Investment Carnival #1

For those of you hungry for the latest market trends and investment knowledge, here is the first edition of my blog carnival, a selection of recent blog posts covering a mixed bag of investment subjects.

The Dividend Guy discusses the top 3 reasons to drop a stock from his watch list. Points to ponder over are “low dividend growth or cut, a decline in revenue and earnings for more than two years, and a disinterest in the stock.” This topic is a nice follow up to my previous post (How many stocks do you own?)

Afraid to Trade presents recent money flow shift affects hedge funds, saying: “Those who remained long commodities or energy and short financials were crushed in recent weeks.”

What a month indeed, in the face of declining consumption, the market defied the bullish words of T Boone Pickens who expected crude oil prices to keep going up. To be fair, Pickens was right to suggest $150 as a watershed but oil prices had pulled back by 33% since.

Dividend Growth presents Dow 370,000 (an obscure title), saying: “This time I will try to prove that long-term investing and dividend reinvestment are important tools that would enable the shrewd dividend investor through good and bad times.”

Monevator presents How a boring broker will make you richer, saying: “The number one thing to look for when choosing a broker is… boring.”

Indeed, brokers who insist that you trade actively to make huge amounts of money have only one ulterior motive, that is to fatten their own wallets at your expense. As I mentioned perviously, there is nothing certain about investments, only the fees.

Fire Finance presents Mutual Funds – The Economic Cycle of Sectors, saying: “Many experienced investors spice up their portfolio with few sector funds which have a potential to fetch above average returns.”

Online Forex Trading presents 3 Forex Trading Strategies, saying: “Many successful forex currency traders indicate that, if you want to be successful in forex trading, you need to go with the trend. You can determine trends by using the pivotal points and reviewing the market to spot trends on any particular currency pair.”

KCLau presents Average Monthly Household Income in 2007: Is it enough?

Hedge against Speculation presents Start of A New Leg Down.

That concludes my first edition. If you want to submit your blog posts to Jeflin’s Investment Carnival, just email me and I will go through it as soon as possible.

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