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Flush DBS High Notes 5 Down The Drain

The banks have made a big show of solving the small-money cases. Hong Leong Finance said it will compensate investors with a primary school education and aged 62 or older at the time of purchase. The company did not say … Continue reading

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Global Stock Markets Pricing In Recession

Stock markets are now entering a period of painful decline as countries around the world face up to the prospect of recession. While interbank lending has eased tentatively as central banks’ measures to inject cash loans to banks unblocked the … Continue reading

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Prudence Is The Way To Go

The financial storm continues, albeit with less ferocity as compared to last week (eight consecutive sessions of losses). It is still a roller-coaster ride, so don’t plunge in and exhaust all your resources just yet. 1. UK government pumped £37bn … Continue reading

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Are You Rattled By The Stock Market Crash?

On Friday, Dow Jones tumbled 128 points, while S&P 500 slid 1.2%, making it the eighth consecutive session of losses. For this week alone, the Dow fell 18%, its worst weekly decline on both a point and percentage basis. A … Continue reading


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Worst Stock Market Crash Since 1937

This is not the time to write lengthy posts after the carnage we have witnessed in global stock markets. I believe nobody is in the mood to read market analysis. A picture speaks a thousand words. Just look at this … Continue reading

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Great Depression Is Good For Stock Investors

The $700 billion bailout cleared the Senate hurdle Thursday, together with a bill for tax cuts of more than $100 billion which included a variety of alternative energy credits and dozens of breaks for businesses and individuals. Senate approved the … Continue reading

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