Worst Stock Market Crash Since 1937

This is not the time to write lengthy posts after the carnage we have witnessed in global stock markets. I believe nobody is in the mood to read market analysis. A picture speaks a thousand words. Just look at this web of deceit, er, leverage that has caused Dow Jones, S&P 500 to post worst stock market crash since 1937.

Retirement accounts shrink by $2 trillion and many workers may need to delay retirement. This is the very reason why we should adjust our investment strategies as we age. Losing $30k to $40k while we are working is not as bad as losing say, $250k of retirement funds when we have little to no earning power left.

For investors who have stayed on the sidelines, now is a good time to monitor the VIX score which has topped 56 this week amid heavy selling pressure. When the VIX reaches this level, start sniffing around for bargain stocks.

More updates soon, stay tuned.

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5 Responses to Worst Stock Market Crash Since 1937

  1. alex

    Well indeed we have a crash, but if u look at the depression in 29 when everyone sold every stock, those who stayed with the ones that actually belonged to bigger companyes, PAYED DIVIDENTS, eventually quatripled their assets. Dont follow the sheep follow the shephard. Now its time to make profit, what those who generate these kind of a crisis actually are doing.

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  3. This time is different. It is worse than in the 1929. Although everything about economy depression remains the same but the magnitude is not. Personally, I think this is global thing.

  4. Charles

    NOW is the time to reposition and buy. While the once “Know-It-All Gurus” are clueless and running scared…NOW is the time to do your homework and stick to STOCK INVESTMENT FUNDAMENTALS 101. Use common sense and pick the investments suited for your situation/age/lifestyle etc….and I am sure 5 years out….you will be pretty darn happy that you stuck in the market.

  5. The Stock market is not as complicated as one might think. Booms and busts are predictable events.

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