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Invest Only What You Can Afford To Lose

I didn’t update this blog for a while as I do not see much purpose in adding on to the negativity. Every day we open up the newspapers, we are hit by depressing news – what with retrenchments (DBS axes … Continue reading


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One Way Traffic: Dow Plunges Below 8000

It is one way traffic: Dow Jones plunged below 8000, a first since 2003. There was a bear rally on Tuesday but it is a folly to be tempted by profits in all these technical rebounds. For those who are … Continue reading

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Spend Our Way Out Of Recession

Recession, recession, everywhere we turn, we are reminded of this dreaded scenario. For those who are still shy to utter the word “recession,” let’s not kid ourselves anymore. The earlier we face up to the truth, the faster we are … Continue reading


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Merrill Lynch Pigs About Mortgages

Merrill Lynch, as a revered investment bank, don’t know what the f*ck they are doing with mortgages, yet they go around advising clients and selling mortgage based securities. What chance do retail investors have when their trusted adviser is flying … Continue reading


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No Honeymoon For President-Elect Barack Obama

Change has indeed come to America and I am glad that Obama, a bright, eager, charismatic and progressive African-American has ascended to the White House on a record wave of voters’ turnout. After the dizzying celebrations of a defining moment … Continue reading

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A Ray of Hope For Stock Investors

Red October, one of the worst month in Wall Street history, ended on a sweet note on Friday as stocks rallied to cap a week of impressive gains. For the week, the Dow Jones was up 10.1%, S&P 500 was … Continue reading

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