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Only In Bad Times Do We Know Who Is Swimming Naked

Financial course fees for investors are getting ridiculously expensive. In the Lehman Brothers debacle, some investors parted with their life savings to learn complex financial terms, like collaterized debt obligations, derivatives, credit default swaps, first to default, credit linked notes, etc. … Continue reading

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Treasury Bills Developing Characteristics Of A Bubble

This week, stock markets continue to rally and some analysts have predicted the uptrend momentum to last till January next year. While I am more than happy to see my portfolio receive a boost, I am cautious about the sustainability … Continue reading

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T-bill Rates Fall Below Zero
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Will The Automotive Deadlock Be Broken Next Week?

Over $7 trillion dollars have been made available by the US government to rescue the financial sector and the economy. That’s about $23,000 for every American, and more than half of US GDP. However, not much has been allocated to … Continue reading

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