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Is This Stock Market Rally For Real?

With each passing week, the case for a bearish reversal out of this stock market rally becomes stronger. For the time being, the bulls triumphed by breaking out of a potentially ugly double top pattern. This raging bullish sentiment pretty … Continue reading


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Bull-Bear Royal Rumble: Bear To Assert Presence Soon

There is nothing more detrimental to our psychology than seeing our friends get rich. With each day that stock markets continue their impressive surge, lingering skepticism are transformed into belief and rational people are behaving once again like gamblers. It … Continue reading

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Hungry Bears To Take A Break

Just when you think oil has taken a beating, it surged back to the fore but before the ink has dried, it beat a hasty retreat again the very next day. Continue reading

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Bull Versus Bear Battle Rages On

Bull vs Bear battle rages on in the Singapore stock exchange. The Straits Times Index increased by a mere 9.09 points to 3143.89. Trading volume was weak at 1002.7 million. Gainers/Losers stood at 234/268. To me, such a market performance … Continue reading

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