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Global Stock Markets Pricing In Recession

Stock markets are now entering a period of painful decline as countries around the world face up to the prospect of recession. While interbank lending has eased tentatively as central banks’ measures to inject cash loans to banks unblocked the … Continue reading

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Stark Naked Fear In Stock Markets

On Monday, we had a fantastic stock market rally after the US Treasury engineered a takeover of troubled mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Regardless of it being the costliest bailout in US financial history, investors’ confidence were restored… for … Continue reading

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To Sell Or Hold Blue Chips In A Bear Market?

The global economy is headed for a recession and the stock market decline is well underway – investors will not touch stocks with a barge pole. I do not foresee a stock market crash for SGX nor embattled Wall Street, … Continue reading


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Pick Up Blue-Chip Stocks Incrementally

Falling oil prices and the likely approval of a House bill to stabilize the collapsing residential properties sector cheered the market. Continue reading

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