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Protectionism Will Cost Investors Dearly

The US government revealed on Friday that payrolls tumbled by 598,000 in January (the biggest one-month drop in 34 years) and the unemployment rate is now at a 16-year high of 7.6%. In a month of brutal layoffs, I guess the … Continue reading


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High Oil Prices Forcing Vehicles Off The Roads

And you thought oil at $135 is unbearable. Well, oIl breached the $140 level over the weekend to settle at $142. Advocates of peak oil theory are trumpeting the increase. Continue reading


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Typhoon Fengshen Head To China After Destruction In Philippines

Like depressing economic news and stock market, there seems to be no end in sight for storms as adverse climate changes leave trails of destruction everywhere. Continue reading

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Adverse Climate Events Wrecking Havoc Around The World

Although I write an investment blog, I feel a need to discuss the incessant rape of Mother Earth today. As investors, we are affected by global events, especially natural disasters which can cause tumultuous upheavals to the stock market. Since … Continue reading


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Will Investors Hold The Fort At Dow Jones?

The bulls have taken flight at Dow Jones and the index is descending steadily towards March lows of 11850. If investors can hold the fort here, we can look forward to a short term upswing. Continue reading


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