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Great Depression Is Good For Stock Investors

The $700 billion bailout cleared the Senate hurdle Thursday, together with a bill for tax cuts of more than $100 billion which included a variety of alternative energy credits and dozens of breaks for businesses and individuals. Senate approved the … Continue reading

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How Bonds Affect Stockholders?

Previously, I mentioned about the mix of capitalization in a corporation. This brings us to the important question of how bonds affects stockholders. In a nutshell, bonds and debentures (unsecured bonds) are debts or rather, contractual obligations. A bond agreement … Continue reading

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Can We Profit By Buying Stocks On Dividends?

Some investors attempt to buy stocks “on dividends.” It is easy, just identify the stocks about to issue dividends and then sell it shortly after the ex-dividend date. Continue reading


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Managing Volatility In Stock Market

There is always some risk when it comes to buying stocks. The overall market behavior will greatly impact your returns. Dollar cost averaging allow you to mitigate market volatility. Continue reading

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