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Only In Bad Times Do We Know Who Is Swimming Naked

Financial course fees for investors are getting ridiculously expensive. In the Lehman Brothers debacle, some investors parted with their life savings to learn complex financial terms, like collaterized debt obligations, derivatives, credit default swaps, first to default, credit linked notes, etc. … Continue reading

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Global Stock Markets Pricing In Recession

Stock markets are now entering a period of painful decline as countries around the world face up to the prospect of recession. While interbank lending has eased tentatively as central banks’ measures to inject cash loans to banks unblocked the … Continue reading

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Plunge In Oil Prices Claims Another Major Casualty

The US dollar, inspired largely by plunging oil prices and growing pessimism over the economic health of the EU and the U.K, is going gangbusters of late. It traded at $1.4455 Wednesday, a seven-month high against the euro. On the other … Continue reading

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Downfall from Speculative Energy Trading

Last week, energy trader SemGroup LP (the 12th-largest private U.S. company) filed for bankruptcy after sustaining $3.2 billion in losses on energy futures and derivatives trades. Continue reading

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Hedge Fund Fees Will Make You Poorer?

Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, and Protégé Partners LLC, a New York City firm that runs funds of hedge funds have made a bet. Continue reading

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