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Dow Jones Rally By 331 points

The stock market desperately needs a stimulus and what better than to see Dow Jones rallying by 331 points, reversing 3 consecutive loss sessions. Continue reading

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Singapore June Manufacturing Output Up 2.5%

Our economy is showing some signs of softening. Growth was at its weakest in five years, an indication that Singapore is not immune to inflation and global economic slowdown. Continue reading

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The Good Old Days Of Alan Greenspan

Don’t you just miss the “good old days” of former Federal Chief, Alan Greenspan? Look at how Bernanke is struggling to prop the economy and handle inflation. Continue reading


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Stock Markets Bearish Despite Tumbling Oil Prices

Regional markets performed strongly as well. But don’t get all excited just yet. A recovery depends very much on what surprises Wall Street have in store for us. Continue reading

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Purchase Gold For Your Portfolio

With inflation spiraling out of control, purchasing gold for your portfolio sounds like a no-brainer but sometimes when investments become too simple, a lot of people hesitate to act. Continue reading


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Stagflation – Tackle The Flation First

The Federal Reserve is struggling with stagflation . At the rate oil is increasing, we can expect our daily products to double in prices within the next 2-3 years. Continue reading

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Dow Jones Boosted By Oil Supply Gains

Stock market actions on Wednesday were pretty much a repeat of what we have seen in the past few weeks. ST Index continued its descent to lower lows of around 2930 in the morning, the major culprit being a Dow … Continue reading

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Bull Versus Bear Battle Rages On

Bull vs Bear battle rages on in the Singapore stock exchange. The Straits Times Index increased by a mere 9.09 points to 3143.89. Trading volume was weak at 1002.7 million. Gainers/Losers stood at 234/268. To me, such a market performance … Continue reading

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