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Don’t Be Suckered By Stock Market Rally In 2010

Global stock markets are poised to end on a high for the year after mounting an explosive recovery since March lows. The stock market rally, nearly ten months in duration, has surprised many naysayers with its longevity and magnitude. Nevertheless, … Continue reading


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Stay Nimble For Your Investment

I did a double take when I saw this news: The inspector general for the $700 billion TARP scheme tallied about 50 initiatives set up by the Bush/Obama administrations and the Federal Reserve and came to the conclusion that “the … Continue reading


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Bullish Days Ahead But Bear Is Lying In Wait For The Kill

We are into the fifth week of upswing in the stock market. While stock valuations remain attractive for value investors, the market is overbought and a major correction is overdue. That is not to say that this bear rally is … Continue reading


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Don’t Dump Gold Just Because GIC Is Bullish

GIC’s director of economics and strategy, Yeoh Lam Keong, made an interesting statement on Tuesday that there will be further weakness in financial markets. He advises investors to go for gold, hold government bonds and currencies such as the yen, … Continue reading

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Bears Still Having A Party

The bears have laid their trap and are partying hard. Any upswing in the stock market now is what the experts termed sucker’s rally, where any gains are short-lived but enough to lure investors while stocks continue to test new … Continue reading

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Coming To Grips With A Harsh Year In 2009

I wish all readers of Jeflin’s Investment Blog a Happy New Year in 2009. The past year has been sobering for taxpayers, retail investors and fund managers, what with severe declines in housing, mortgages, banking, stock markets, commodities, retail, automotive, … Continue reading


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Only In Bad Times Do We Know Who Is Swimming Naked

Financial course fees for investors are getting ridiculously expensive. In the Lehman Brothers debacle, some investors parted with their life savings to learn complex financial terms, like collaterized debt obligations, derivatives, credit default swaps, first to default, credit linked notes, etc. … Continue reading

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Invest Only What You Can Afford To Lose

I didn’t update this blog for a while as I do not see much purpose in adding on to the negativity. Every day we open up the newspapers, we are hit by depressing news – what with retrenchments (DBS axes … Continue reading


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