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Worst Year For Warren Buffett As Recession Bites

A new month, but it did not bring new hopes. This week’s stock market opening wasn’t any different as it continues to test new low. Asian bourses were jolted by bleak data while Wall Street fell to fresh 12-year lows on … Continue reading

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It Feels Great To Be A Sloth Investor

Warren Buffett once remarked that successful investing consists of long periods of inactivity, bordering on sloth. That pretty much describes my attitude towards investing coming into the new year. If we are going to have more of the October massacre, then we … Continue reading


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Prudence Is The Way To Go

The financial storm continues, albeit with less ferocity as compared to last week (eight consecutive sessions of losses). It is still a roller-coaster ride, so don’t plunge in and exhaust all your resources just yet. 1. UK government pumped £37bn … Continue reading

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An Excellent Time To Pick Up The Broken Pieces

For some time now, weekends spell a period of trepidation for investors as the Pandora’s box is opened. Bizarre announcements of historical takeovers, bankruptcies and government interventions left investors grabbing for straws in a cesspool when trading resumed on Mondays. … Continue reading


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Dow Jones Rally By 331 points

The stock market desperately needs a stimulus and what better than to see Dow Jones rallying by 331 points, reversing 3 consecutive loss sessions. Continue reading

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Merrill Lynch Not Out of the Woods Yet

Merrill Lynch has taken drastic steps to rescue its ailing balance sheet (over $40-billion of write-downs) – most notably, a fire sale of $30 billion of risky debts to Lonestar. Continue reading

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Purchase Gold For Your Portfolio

With inflation spiraling out of control, purchasing gold for your portfolio sounds like a no-brainer but sometimes when investments become too simple, a lot of people hesitate to act. Continue reading


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Lehman Not Far From Insolvency

With mounting losses, management turmoil and a falling stock price, it seems likely that Lehman will follow the footsteps of Bear Stearns and be sold at rock-bottom prices. Continue reading


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