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Will Wall Street Learn From Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy?

After the US government put out a forest fire with the takeover of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae last week, Wall Street’s troubles were far from over. As they say, when you see a rat in the house, you can … Continue reading

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11 Bank Failures In 2008 And Counting

Mortgage-related troubles continue to haunt regional banks. The melt down of the housing market has created a self-reinforcing spiral where lower prices lead to more defaults and unsold inventory. Continue reading


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Plunge In Oil Prices Claims Another Major Casualty

The US dollar, inspired largely by plunging oil prices and growing pessimism over the economic health of the EU and the U.K, is going gangbusters of late. It traded at $1.4455 Wednesday, a seven-month high against the euro. On the other … Continue reading

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Wall Street Forsake Financial Stocks

It was a punitive end to a roller-coaster week. Standard & Poor’s 500 index lost 1.1% while Nasdaq composite shed 0.8% to remain above March lows. Continue reading

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Oil Speculators Calling The Shots On Wall Street

I expected bearish sentiments in the stock market for this week because there is simply no good news on the horizon to spark a revival. Continue reading


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Dow Jones Rally Will Lift Local Stocks

After Wall Street’s deplorable results last Friday, the question for ST Index today is how much collateral damage we will be seeing. An oversold rebound is in order here. Continue reading

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Strong Dollar Gives Hope For Recovering Economy

Oil prices was hit by a strengthening dollar after the Fed chairman, Ben Bernanke said the economy remains under pressure, but he is unlikely to cut interest rates again soon. Continue reading


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