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Stay Nimble For Your Investment

I did a double take when I saw this news: The inspector general for the $700 billion TARP scheme tallied about 50 initiatives set up by the Bush/Obama administrations and the Federal Reserve and came to the conclusion that “the … Continue reading


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To Sell Or Hold Blue Chips In A Bear Market?

The global economy is headed for a recession and the stock market decline is well underway – investors will not touch stocks with a barge pole. I do not foresee a stock market crash for SGX nor embattled Wall Street, … Continue reading


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Overhead Supply Can Trap Your Money

For those who shun technical jargon, at least concern yourself with a phenomenon known as overhead supply – a “fade” factor for stock rallies. Continue reading

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Hungry Bears To Take A Break

Just when you think oil has taken a beating, it surged back to the fore but before the ink has dried, it beat a hasty retreat again the very next day. Continue reading

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