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Putting Your Cash To Use: Be A Gold Bug And Clear Debts

Global stock markets have been whitewashed over the past month, Dow Jones fell to its lowest level in 6 years this week, and gold has charged to a record high $1,007 as investors seek to preserve capital. Granted that Obama’s … Continue reading

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Is South Korea Desperate Already?

On Thursday, South Korea announced the arrest of a financial blogger accused of undermining the country’s financial markets with his doom-mongering. “Minerva,” as the blogger is known, gained instant fame for uncannily accurate forecasts on the fall of Lehman Brothers … Continue reading

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Will The Automotive Deadlock Be Broken Next Week?

Over $7 trillion dollars have been made available by the US government to rescue the financial sector and the economy. That’s about $23,000 for every American, and more than half of US GDP. However, not much has been allocated to … Continue reading

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Invest Only What You Can Afford To Lose

I didn’t update this blog for a while as I do not see much purpose in adding on to the negativity. Every day we open up the newspapers, we are hit by depressing news – what with retrenchments (DBS axes … Continue reading


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Spend Our Way Out Of Recession

Recession, recession, everywhere we turn, we are reminded of this dreaded scenario. For those who are still shy to utter the word “recession,” let’s not kid ourselves anymore. The earlier we face up to the truth, the faster we are … Continue reading


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Global Stock Markets Pricing In Recession

Stock markets are now entering a period of painful decline as countries around the world face up to the prospect of recession. While interbank lending has eased tentatively as central banks’ measures to inject cash loans to banks unblocked the … Continue reading

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Prudence Is The Way To Go

The financial storm continues, albeit with less ferocity as compared to last week (eight consecutive sessions of losses). It is still a roller-coaster ride, so don’t plunge in and exhaust all your resources just yet. 1. UK government pumped £37bn … Continue reading

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An Excellent Time To Pick Up The Broken Pieces

For some time now, weekends spell a period of trepidation for investors as the Pandora’s box is opened. Bizarre announcements of historical takeovers, bankruptcies and government interventions left investors grabbing for straws in a cesspool when trading resumed on Mondays. … Continue reading


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