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Will Wall Street Learn From Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy?

After the US government put out a forest fire with the takeover of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae last week, Wall Street’s troubles were far from over. As they say, when you see a rat in the house, you can … Continue reading

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Stock Markets Bearish Despite Tumbling Oil Prices

Regional markets performed strongly as well. But don’t get all excited just yet. A recovery depends very much on what surprises Wall Street have in store for us. Continue reading

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Oil Speculators Calling The Shots On Wall Street

I expected bearish sentiments in the stock market for this week because there is simply no good news on the horizon to spark a revival. Continue reading


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ST Index Still In Accumulation Stage

Since Wall Street shed 220 points to end at 11842.69 last Friday (a three-month low sparked by fears about credit market and inflation), I expected the sell-offs to spillover to Asian stock markets. Continue reading


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Oil Movement Still A Major Concern For Stock Market

One major reason for the gloom is because of a drastic drop of 496 points in the Baltic Dry Index – a shipping index that monitors transportation costs of raw materials. Continue reading


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Hedge Fund Fees Will Make You Poorer?

Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, and Protégé Partners LLC, a New York City firm that runs funds of hedge funds have made a bet. Continue reading

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Terrible Day For Dow Jones

If you look at the Dow Jones yesterday, it seems like the sky has fallen. Continue reading


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