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No Honeymoon For President-Elect Barack Obama

Change has indeed come to America and I am glad that Obama, a bright, eager, charismatic and progressive African-American has ascended to the White House on a record wave of voters’ turnout. After the dizzying celebrations of a defining moment … Continue reading

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Alan Greenspan’s Fraud And The Global Economic Mess

My esteemed impression of Alan Greenspan, who once had the world cavorting and clinging on to his every word, took a dip after reading this book. Continue reading

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Oil Movement Still A Major Concern For Stock Market

One major reason for the gloom is because of a drastic drop of 496 points in the Baltic Dry Index – a shipping index that monitors transportation costs of raw materials. Continue reading


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Terrible Day For Dow Jones

If you look at the Dow Jones yesterday, it seems like the sky has fallen. Continue reading


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