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Interested in guest blogging on Jeflin.net?

If you have the knowledge, experience or personal stories to tell about personal finance, savings and investment, you are most welcome to share your views here.

Jeflin.net caters to a wide audience – so long as your writing meets certain quality standards, you are free to express yourself, be it serious analysis, passionate rants or satire.

Guest writers can get exposure and traffic with your personal link that can be placed at the end of the article.

Here are a few simple guidelines to follow:

1. Spelling & Grammar

Before submission, re-read your article carefully to weed out spelling and grammar mistakes. Correct spelling will not improve the quality of the article
but it will affect the image of the writer.

2. Writing Style

There is no need to follow my writing style. Just use your own natural style of writing. Making it funny or even controversial is fine.

3. Individuality

Articles must be unique and not posted anywhere else.

4. Article Length

Preferably 500 words or more. If not, a witty article with at least 250 words will suffice.

Please send your submissions to admin@jeflin.net I will try to post your guest blogs as soon as possible.

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